The smart display is a concept of this project that shows the useful information on a big screen that is centred somewhere in the house where all the family members can see it and get updates at a glance.

As targeted, the outlined screen contents are determined to get managed within a single environment. Typically, Smart Display is such a rich content targeted management sort of platform that is merely designed to provide a simplified way of getting the product components displayed followed with their monitoring, controlling as well as displaying. It is regarded as a web-based solution which enables users or viewers to have a centralised control functionality of information by enabling them to have superb access to multiple screens in various locations. They also have the mutual control of the product components that are intended to get displayed on the screen at the provisioned time based on the relevance of the audience or viewers, location, the market trends that are prevailing amongst other aspects. At the same time, the technique enables the display of extensive information on a single location in a glance for this case the acquisition of a single screen that will hold the content of calendar, shopping list, news headlines and weather.